Bloglines feeds not updating

20-Aug-2016 13:05

bloglines feeds not updating-50

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If you’re still experiencing problems you can report a stuck feed.

I still prefer Bloglines to Google Reader (call me old-fashioned), but was about to make the leap.

Well, when the founder of One List (aka Yahoo Groups) and Bloglines has taken the time to read and comment upon my humble blog, I think it deserves a response.

Dear Mark, Thank you for responding to my review of Bloglines.

(Pardon my cynicism, but I guess it’s more important to address public complaints than it is to answer private emails, eh? I find this ironic and indicative of the whole issue – I complain that customer support is virtually non-existent, and you seem to pretend I never mentioned it.

) Nevertheless, I appreciate the apology, truly I do. So let me ask you – do you believe that the issue of tech support not responding is fixed? Mark, you are the leader of Bloglines – your employees take their cue FROM YOU about company priorities.

I noticed today that Bloglines has returned to the — RSS4Lib’s subscriber numbers, as inaccurate and wonky as they may be, have returned to where they were before I noticed the precipitous drop.

I guess if the problem persists then unfortunately I’ll have to move on from Feedburner.

It was Apple-esque in the level of details — it offered none — other than to say that the problem was fixed: Some folks might have noticed that specific feeds were not updating recently on Bloglines, and we wanted to update you and fill you in on what’s been going on. Over the weekend, a fix was released on Bloglines to resolve the issue.

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