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25-Sep-2016 03:34

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It's great having more clients, Stanger said, though there's more dross to sort through.

"We're on the map, everyone knows the brand, but it takes 30 to 45 guys until we find a real guy," she said.

Those programs were Karaoke and Cold Lazarus, the final serials by British playwright Dennis Potter shown by Bravo in June 1997, and Michael Moore's documentary series The Awful Truth from 1999.

' " "Tough Love" features Steve Ward, chief executive officer at Master Matchmakers, a matchmaking service his mother Jo Ann Ward -- who also appears on the show -- founded more than 20 years ago.And on reality, I have consistently found that to be the case," Sean Dash, who has produced nonfiction series, including Discovery Channel's "Bering Sea Gold" and "Deadliest Catch," told Business Insider.