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Monsho Kamii, a priest at Byodoin, said: "I wanted people to be able to feel the aesthetic values that date back a thousand years by using computer graphics to recreate how these sculptures originally looked." The sculptures are believed to have been originally created by Jocho, the acclaimed 11th century artist and master of religious statues who is widely credited with redefining Buddhist artistry in Japan.The 52 Bosatsu on Clouds, each measuring around 25 ins in height, appear to hover in the air surrounding a larger central sculpture of Amida Buddha sitting on a lotus at Byodoin Temple.Shingon Esoteric Buddhism has integrated the dynamics of these heavenly bodies into the ritual called Hoshi Matsuri, “hoshi” meaning stars and “matsuri” meaning to enshrine.Prayers are offered to achieve the following: Sokusai- ho: Safe living, avoiding accidents.

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Ancient astrology has determined the Seven Stars (Shichiyo) and Nine Stars (Kyusei) and the 28 constellations (Nijuhachi Shukusei).

If you just prefer enjoying the tranquility of the temple's environment, we recommend you stop by our highly praised tea room and the Ch'an Garden.

Either way, we are glad and looking forward for your presence.

Saturday March 11th 2017 – 4.00pm to 7.00pm – at First Congressional Church in Crystal Lake.

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2017 Invitation to the Hoshi (Stars) Matsuri Prayer Based upon the movements of the Sun and the stars, we have established a year to be 365 days, a week to be seven days, a day to be twenty-four hours.

It was only by allying itself with other Thai states to the south that Lanna was eventually able to rid itself of the yoke of Burmese occupation.