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31-Oct-2016 23:40

If you know the identity of the suspect depicted in the photo above or have information please contact the Camrose Police Service or Crime Stoppers and quote file: 17-335648.

On January 31, 2017 at approximately am a male suspect entered the Windsor Bar and Hotel lobby and broke the glass barricade to the cashiers desk.

If you’re on Wi Fi, please also check out managing Wi Fi issues. If you’re using Zoom, be sure to check whether or not you have the right microphone input selected under audio settings.

To do this, click on the “Audio” button on the lower left-hand side of your Zoom window. One of the participants has obnoxious background noise!

The scammer may pretend to be an attractive, potential partner and strike up an online relationship with you.

It may take some time and seem extremely believable.

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On December 23, 2016 at approximately 0030 hrs an Armand’s Taxi driver picked up three individuals from the Windsor Hotel located at 4911-51 Avenue, Camrose, Alberta.

If other relatives of the child wish to apply for a viewing account, you can register them as "Secondary Parent" through your account's configuration panel, once your application had been successfully approved.

Please refer to Parental Webcam Parent User Guide for more details.

You chose the restaurant so you feel responsible, but you also feel helpless to fix it.

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