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17-May-2016 18:32

After Dubose was unable to produce a license and prevented Tensing from opening the driver door of his vehicle, the former cop shot him in the head.

Tensing claimed he was being dragged by the car, which was proven untrue.

The short is worked frame by frame so each still is a artwork of its own.

All the sounds in the movie (including all the sound design) are taken from the album “Acid Make-Out” by Icelandic electronic band Sometime. As I tick, I don't see objects at once, I take glances, as I tick, and, as I tick, compose them into the object I think I am seeing.

After that date, this product will no longer function. You can use these applications without prior image or video editing experience to If you're the licensed user, you may also use each application on a secondary computer.

The secondary computer may be a home computer or portable computer and must be of the same platform.

During a period of 11 months I walked and explored the city of Rome, visiting, documenting, and researching 175 churches from paleochristian to baroque.

Pickover which addresses parallel universes in the mind. A pendulum of air with one end inside me and one outside. The object, a sculpture drawn from the rest of my practice never fully enters the field of view.

You may install the two applications on different computers.