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28-Aug-2016 04:02

A newly hosted Nigerian pornographic website, believed to be the first of its kind in the country, is attracting huge traffic as well as donors, P. The website which also features a few Ghanaian sex videos, also parades a lot of nude photographs of Nigerians, especially female.

The website naijaporntube features hundreds of made in Nigeria sex videos with the porn stars speaking Pidgin English, Yoruba and Igbo.

While they engage in sexual acts and changing positions, they are recorded by another lady, who is not seen, but whose voice is very audible telling them the length of time left in the video camera.

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When your private Whatsapp conversations get leaked online, its pure horror since the internet never forgets. While some of the videos feature the actors performing oral sex, others feature real hardcore sex just as seen in serious blue movies.Many of the porn stars are also university students, according to some of the titles given to the videos, some of which have attracted as many as between 16,000 and 20,000 views.What is not actually known is whether these actors are paid any sum for uploading their videos into the website, but the website encourages people to upload any video containing adult Nigerian contents as well as their nude photographs, photographs of their private parts in different positions or photographs of their lovers.

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But a staff of the website posted a message in which he asked to be contacted by anybody who wanted to act in sex movies and according to him, the person would be ‘‘highly appreciated and smile at the end of the business.’’ In one of such videos, titled ‘Naija Couple’ with one of the highest traffic and shot inside an office, the lady, who should be in her late twenties, is seen sitting astride the man who is sitting on the office chair.But I have got 2 dogs, 2 gorgeous Staffordshire bull terriers, so u must love dogs as well, over wise sorry guys love my fur babies too...